Business Identity

Superior design telegraphs confidence. From your company’s logo and business cards to website and brochures, I develop crisp, cohesive print and online designs that connect with your audience and elicit positive response.

Logo Design - Nth Degree ConsultingBusiness Card - Gyrony ConsultiveMarketing Brochure ConceptBusiness Card - Barry Suttle


Hand-drawn or digital illustrations add visual interest to annual reports and articles; business graphics such as charts, diagrams and models add pizzazz to presentations and proposals.

Event InvitationCD CoverInformation PosterYoga Studio Logo Design

Architectural Renderings

When you need to visually communicate ideas to your clients, I can create realistic or artistic two and three-dimensional renderings.

Architectual Rendering - Reception AreaArchitectual Rendering - Restaurant ConceptBuilding Directory

Architectural CAD Standards

If you work with CAD, you know the importance of standards. With my years of experience in architectural CAD, I can help develop standards with a "Look and Feel" that will set your work apart.

Architectual CAD


Here are other pieces I have created, including some photography.

Oakland CemeteryOakland CemeteryOakland CemeteryOakland CemeteryFlowersMaple LeavesTulipsRosesHigh MuseumHigh MuseumHigh MuseumHigh MuseumSunrise over SonicOakland CemeteryFace in FirepitLabor DayEvent Flyer


Technology Advice

PCs. Macs. Smart Phones. No matter how flashy, they are really just tools. Tools that should drive greater functionality, greater productivity, greater ease and greater enjoyment—all in the service of achieving strategic business objectives.

Gyrony Consultive helps small and mid-sized businesses develop and implement effective, integrated technology solutions. I’ll help you evaluate technology, making smart decisions that pay off every day.

Personalized Assessment

Following a review of your current set-up and an in-depth analysis of your needs, we’ll discuss enhancements that deliver a real return on investment.

Hardware & Software Recommendations

To leverage value, technology must adapt to evolving business needs and marketplace conditions. Without strategic guidance, users tend to either under-invest or over-invest in technology. Under-invest in technology and functionality can plummet, precipitating data crises that are costly to overcome. Over-engineer technology and you often needlessly increase complexity and over- spend. Together, we’ll strike the right balance.

Application Development

When it comes to technology, one size doesn’t fit all. To streamline business processes or boost workflow productivity, I can customize or develop specialized applications and templates.

User Support & Individualized Training

To optimize your technology investment, I’ll ensure you’ve got the right set of tools. Then, I provide one-on-one training so you know how use your equipment for the greatest effectiveness.

Workspace Ergonomics

The right technology system is much more than a computer, monitor and mouse. It includes an ergonomic chair, desk and keyboard to minimize fatigue and extends to proper lighting and cabling. And what I call computer “feng shui,” the optimum workstation positioning within a room to enhance productivity. Plus, mobile solutions to increase responsiveness for on-the-go professionals.


About Me

During the past 30 years, I have successfully worked with engineers, designers, contractors and consultants from California to Georgia. Most recently, I was with VeenendaalCave, Inc., an Atlanta-based interior design firm. During my 15-year tenure, I developed expertise in graphic design, IT support, CAD and software development.

Together, these experiences have equipped me to launch my own business. Every day, I draw on diverse and complementary skill set to solve challenging problems. I enjoy my work and find it both engaging and rewarding.

My Design Philosophy

The most memorable and appealing design is clean and understandable. Both my web and print designs are well thought-out and creative, yet practical—never showy or difficult to maintain.

The Way I Work

I take a holistic approach to technology. I ask a lot of questions to uncover your processes and assess current usability. Then, in language you’ll understand, we’ll discuss possible enhancements.

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